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Images to be used when the Katherine River is in potential flood mode
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Putting the Katherine River into perspective via satellite & good old Google Earth
(Larger than usual image files, approx 85-140kb each)

Following the Katherine River & located at the Birdie Creek entrance point to the Katherine River is a Water gauge that assists with recording flows from the Katherine Rivers upper reaches.

This gauge is 90km above Katherine.

It then enters the Nitmiluk Gorge system and comes out the other side to be recorded again with additional flows from 17 Mile creek
(the creek opposite the boat ramp at the Gorge)

During March 2007 a peak at Birdie Creek related to a peak at Nitmiluk 27ish hours later (in those conditions)


At the Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge

It flows out of the 13 Gorges of Nitmiluk Gorge system



17 Mile Creek also flows in off the Northern  escarpment


Please note the image is only a rough representative of the actual Gorge

Water flowing through

Nitmiluk Centre gauge
Katherine Bridge gauge

Distance approx 35km
Time 15-18 hrs

Along this stretch , there is McAddens creek, Maud Creek, 2 mile creek that feed the Katherine River.

Also Tindal Creek that meets up with the Town Drain.

About 15 km downstream of Katherine the river usually peaks 6-8 hours after the peak at the Katherine Bridge.

This is along Florina road.

There are several creeks here that feed the River.

Rowlands Quarry road goes out when the Katherine Bridge is at 15.5m and rising.

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