Photos supplied by residents on what is going on in Katherine 06Apr06          

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 (Florina Rd 08Apr06)

This snap taken at 7.38AM 06Apr06- showing 18.6 metres *** however, please not that the official level at this time is/was 18.35 metres.
Unfortunately the poles are not as accurate as the actual automatic river level equipment or the Painted bridge levels & this is causing confusion with reports***
Courtesy of PM & WM

OK guys....... a bit of satire sent to me......

Katherine Bridge before 8 AM today 06Apr06


Thanks Jane for the following photos taken between 11AM & Lunch time today 06Apr06
- Official River Level at time of images below was 18.67m & 18.71m

Railway bridge (as per rivercam shots) today at midday

Sabu Statue at midday 06Apr06 - at end of town centre

Heading over to Katherine East midday, BP is just behind right shoulder.

Looking towards Darwin over bridge at 11AM

The stairs down to the Katherine Hot Springs

11.30 photo of Hot Springs supplied by Rachel & Russell

Photo from Vanessa & crew (Travis's teacher) at 1PM

Photo from Vanessa at 1pm- official level at time 18.79m

Photo from Vanessa at 1pm- official level at time 18.79m
Looking back to Katherine East (similar shot to one of Janes (above))

Photos via Teagan in Darwin via Robert - unknown time but at a guess pre 11AM 060406

Cr of Dakota /Rapide streets looking down to Lockheed rd 06Apr06- time unknown - From Jo B via Viv in Warnambool Vic

From Julie of yesterdays Katherine Terrace chaos as people tried to get out of town along the main street as water started coming down Lindsay street,

I've got no idea what this one means??? But thankyou.

Water hitting the Katherine Bridge - Looking to town.
Thankyou Karen

4.30ish Thursday 06Apr06- Need snorkels fitted next time. We have high speed pursuit vehicles so why not a few dedicated wet weather vehicles. - Thankyou Rod McL

Sabu walking on water at 4.30pm Thursday
Thankyou Rod McL

  Looking up Katherine Terrace from Lindsay street intersection at 4.30PM Thursday - Thankyou Rod McL

Friday 07 April 06 on the other side of town along Zimin & Florina Rds

This is Florina Rd at the old Dairy (or currently the
Cattle Transit Centre feedlot turnoff)

Zimin Drive from Frontyard Mechanics looking to Stuart Hwy

Zimin Drive at the Bushfire Council HQ.

Looking out of the window over Riverbank drive, Thanks Leanne

Looking down Harrod Street towards Redgum Van Park.
Thanks Leanne

 Stuart Highway - Looking towards town bridge (at end of trees)
Thanks Andy.

Vampire Creek 07Apr06 3.30PM way down Florina Rd (and the town water levels have not reached here yet so it is still rising out here)
Thanks Steve & Cindy

Saturday 08Apr06

Emungulan Rd opposite the symmes driveway - Sat Morning

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